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Black Latte – napój odchudzający
I am not a lawyer and, therefore, I can only give you general advice.
This advice is an inside, day to day working knowledge, having written and/or reviewed thousands of engagement and managerial contracts for over 35 years as
a talent agent and later on as Vice President at the William Morris Agency and International Creative Management Agency.
I cannot guarentee success.  If anyone tells you he or she can, run away from them as fast as possible. I CAN guarantee if you follow my advice, you will save yourself a lot of headache and heartache and a whole bunch of money.  THERE IS NO EASY OR FAST ROAD TO SUCCESS.
Others may try to convince you they have the key to overnight success.
Get real! They don't.  No one does! If they did, everone would be a star.  It takes years of hard work, a little luck, and above all, TALENT!